If there is a god… THANK YOU!!!

30 06 2008

Now, most of you know, I LOVE ef – a tale of memories, hell I don’t even try to hide it. The show was incredibly touching and included everything I love in the romance genre. After I completed the anime and watched the game OP, I realized that there was a few things I wanted to see, namely, Mizuki’s involvement in the story. (In the game, she has some sort of relationship w/ Kuze).
After that, I became very much hopeful that a season two would be announced… one that would tell different stories, so it wouldn’t be a complete sequel. After about 3-4 months, i started to give up hope… and then this morning, on the MAL front page… “Second Season of Ef – a tale of memories Announced”

My heart literally skipped a beat. You know that feeling when you go on a first date with someone you like… and you stomach is churning in anticipation?… yup that’s what’s going on w/ me right now.

It will be entitled ef – a tale of melodies. People are saying it’ll air in the fall. one year after the original broadcast. As hoped, Mizuki and Kuze will be featured, as well as another 2 characters that I haven’t seen yet…. I’m not sure if they are anime-original characters. (in the 2nd game, the two stories is Kuze/Mizuki and Renji/Chihiro… Renji/Chihiro was covered in the first season).

Fall 08 is amount to be something GREAT

Incredibly happy




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