NEWS (6/19/08)

30 06 2008

News from ANN and Random Curiousity

While this season may have been a disappointment, Fall 08 keeps racking on more series that have piqued my interest

– The Ga-Rei anime adaptation is scheduled for the Fall 08, and has the title “Ga-Rei ~Zero~”

– Gainax’s newest series will be an adaptation of the supernatural horror manga “Shikabane Hime”

– This might be older news… but the newest Leaf H-game anime adaptation, Tears to Tiara, will air in the fall. Same animation company as Utawarerumono. In newer news… this is only rumored, but Leaf’s White Album will also be getting an anime adaptation

– Another rumored anime adaptation: Square Enix’s Tales of the Abyss

– As some of you have been hearing, Anime manga publisher, Tokyopop, is undergoing a major reorganization. In the process, many jobs are being cut as well as a good number of mangas being dropped. Check ANN for continued updates of this news.

For any corrections and notable events, feel free to comment…
hell.. please comment so that I know people are reading this =D


EDIT: Another news that came up over night… this one for the shoujo fan…
Skip Beat gets a TV anime this fall




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