NEWS (6/24/08)

30 06 2008

New as always, are from ANN and Random Curiosity

– Stated this last time in a post message, stating it again… Skip Beat! is getting animated. It will air in the Fall Season. I haven’t heard much about production company.

– As some of you may have noted… the Vampire Knight episode count got halved recently on MAL. This isn’t a glitch or an error. There really will only be 13 episodes airing. BUUUT, that isn’t the end of the series. Confirmed earlier this morning, Vampire Knight 2nd season will start in October. A 3 month wait… but who knows… maybe the show is like wine.

– Gonzo’s Strike Witches, an anime that is set to air this summer will be simulcasted on YouTube and Crunchyroll subbed. Same way as Druaga and Blassreiter.

– Again, older news but, dub episodes of Welcome to the NHK! have been broadcasting on CrunchyRoll, 2 a week, everything thursday.

If you have any corrections, or news to add, feel free to comment





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