Summer 08 Outlook

30 06 2008


So I’m not going to post photos when you can just find them here:

Ikkitousen Great Guardians
OUTLOOK: I’m not one who watches ecchi for the sake of ecchi… hell I dropped To Love-RU and Kanokon, despite their potentials to be decent romances. So seeing this show being an ecchi, but nothing really else… I’ll pass
Watching Chance: 05%
Blogging Chance: .01%

Telepathy Shoujo Ran
OUTLOOK: It looks interesting… it has the potential for good characters. Doesn’t look to be a romance, but I’ll probably check it out nonetheless.
Watching Chance: 60%
Blogging Chance 20%

Chocolate Underground
OUTLOOK: I’ve heard about this one… however… doesn’t look like it will be easy to get a handle of some subs for this anime.
Watching Chance: 25%
Blogging Chance: 1%

Ultraviolet: Code044
OUTLOOK: Um, I have to ask… WHY are you making an anime based on a movie the FLOPPED critically and financially? I predict low viewership, even if the show is good.
Watching Chance: 7%
Blogging Chance: 1%

OUTLOOK: I haven’t seen any of the previous Slayers animes so watching this one would seem kinda pointless. For now, unless i manage to catch up on the previous series… then this is one I’ll pass on.
Watching Chance: 10% (might go up when I finish the rest of the series)
Blogging Chance: 1%

Seiyou Kottou Yougaiten ~Antique~
Watching CHance: 0%
Blogging Chance 0%

Hidamari Sketch x365
OUTLOOK: Same case as Slayers… I haven’t seen the first season yet, despite hearing praise… currently i have no plans on watching it. So yeah
Watching Chance: 10%
Blogging Chance: 1%

Strike Witches
OUTLOOK: First i was o_o… then I was O_o.. and finally i was -_-;;; The story concept, definitely bizarre and so i don’t have a lot of hope for this show. I’ll probably check out the first episode out of curiousity.
Watching Chance: 45%
Blogging Chance 15%

Birdy the Might Decode
OUTLOOK: And the award for most stupid title goes to… yeah… there are three things that have me turned off from watching this show. The title, the promo image (looks INCREDIBLY ecchi), and the story. There was another anime in which a guy possesed a girl’s body… i think it was called Body Transfer (hentai).
Watching Chance: 1%
Blogging Chance: .1%

Natsume Yuujin-chou
OUTLOOK: Again… this is one of those shows that I’ll probably watch out of curiosity. Everyone says that the manga is amazing, and I keeping hearing it compared to Mushi-shi. So we’ll see
Watching Chance: 55%
Blogging Chance 35%

OUTLOOK: This screams of super sentai anime. I’ll pass and leave this one to the kiddies.
Watching Chance: 15%
Blogging Chance 5%

Blade of the Immortal
OUTLOOK: One of those mangas that everyone seems to know about except me. This might the most anticipated title for the season. Having never read the manga… I don’t know what to expect. Though, if there’s this much hype… I’ll probably check it out.
Watching Chance: 75%
Blogging Chance: 50%

OUTLOOK: That’s supposed to be a cross, not a plus. But yeah the last two eroge-adaptation/romance/fantasy-action I saw (Utawarerumono and Fate/Stay Night) ended up being quite entertaining. So this one shows promise… hopefully it won’t fail in the romance department
Watching Chance: 95%
Blogging Chance: 75%

OUTLOOK: Um… I’m not watching any anime in which there are watermelons attached to a girls chest.
Watching Chance: 0%
Blogging Chance: 0%

Zero no Tsukaima ~Miyoshi Hime no Rondo~
OUTLOOK: The one show that I KNEW I was going to watch this season. Sure the 2nd season was a major disappointment, but I can’t get enough of tsundere/whip-wielding/Kugimiya Rie-voiced Louise. I’ll follow this season through and through.
Watching Chance: 100%
Blogging Chance: 100%

Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo
OUTLOOK: This looks like Real Dive… an anime that might’ve been good.. but i had no interest in watching. Just isn’t the genre i’m interested in.
Watching Chance: 20%
Blogging Chance: 1%

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu no Koto ~Natsu no Sora~
OUTLOOK: The first thing that caught my eye was that the artwork. The background work looks similar to ef-a tale of memories, and some of Makoto Shinkai’s works. I’ll probably look into the first season in these next few weeks and I’ll probably watch this… Though I’m not sure about blogging
Watching Chance: Dependent of 1st season
Blogging Chance: 40-60%

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
OUTLOOK: Otaku-centric animes are always a breath of fresh air. This one is combined with romance. The relationship between the two main characters reminds me of the relationship between Taiga and Ryuuji in Toradora! Not to mention, it has similar artwork to H2O ~footprints in the sands (those who watched the show should remember that the artwork was one of its strong points.
Watching Chance: 100%
Blogging Chance: 85%

World Destruction
OUTLOOK: I’m tentatively calling this the replacement to “Tower of Druaga”… in the Summer of RPG Adaptations. The artwork is appealing and the show’s story concept looks promising. This is one I’m probably going to check out
Watching Chance: 90%
Blogging Chance: 65%

After a spring season that was somewhat disappointing… the summer appears to be filled with… mostly crap. But there is the possibility of a few gems emerging.

Until next time




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