Computer in Repair Shop = Sad Tekky T-T

3 07 2008

So this morning, I was turning on my computer to usually check what new things have happened.  The usual initial white screen shows up… and it stays up.  That screen stayed up for a good 10 minutes before an icon of a folder appeared with a question mark on it.  My thoughts at that point could only be described by profane statements.  After fiddling with it for a good hour or so, I finally decided to take it into the campus Apple Store and get a diagnosis.  I wasn’t sure about sending it in, cause I was unsure if my one year warranty had expired already or not.  At the campus store, I discovered that the warranty would’ve expired in another 3 days -_-;;; I REALLY dodged a bullet.  So I sent it in and the compuer SHOULD be back in a week, unless they have to order parts.

So what does this mean for the blog?
Without a computer, downloading episodes of animes will be somewhat difficult.  Getting screencaps will be downright impossible.  If I don’t have a better option, I’ll watch lower quality videos on Veoh or Crunchyroll on a campus computer.  I’ll still update the Summer 08 Pilot Episode Reviews, but I won’t be able to add images.  I would say that I’ll post images when I do get my computer back… but knowing myself, I probably won’t.  If the computer absence does go into another week, then it’ll start conflicting with my episode blogging plans.  So for that, I’ll post text-only episode reviews.

I was planning on making an AnimeExpo 2008  daily updates, and that plan won’t change.  It just won’t be able to have images as I had hoped.  For that, I’ll add a seperate entry devoted to pictures from AX.  (I’m not planning on going to AX today, so there’ll be no AX entry today).

Thank you for understanding in this time of crisis




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