Kurogane no Linebarrels – Episode 01

8 07 2008


Hayase Kouichi is a high school student who always gets bullied.  And much to his displeasure, his friends always saves him.  Upset that his friends always saves him, he says that didn’t mind doing the bully’s task.  In this case, it was going to a bakery in town, and making it back before the lunch period was over.  When his friends (the ones who save him) inquire about why he accepted the menial task, it is revealed that he has a really bad inferiority complex, to the point when he considers himself a “hero of justice” (Death Note anyone?).

While this is happening, a large meteor is falling towards earth.  A government agency is tracking it and continuously refers to it as a MACHINA.  The dispatch two teams to set up at two suspected impact points.  However, as it the MACHINA descending into the atmosphere, it gets hit by a missle.  While the missle isn’t enough to destroy the MACHINA, it is enough to change it’s course so that it would land somewhere else.  Government agency panics and trys to find the new landing location.

Back to Kouichi, in order to make it back in time, he decides to cut through the shrines instead of taking the main road.  It just so happens that the MACHINA was aiming for the same shrine.  Kouichi falls off his bike after hitting root.  Before he can recover and keep biking, the MACHINA lands on him.

When he comes to, he finds himself completely intact, and sitting next to a naked woman, and a giant robot looming above him.  He takes the naked woman (clothing her with  his jacket), and runs away. At school, his friends are starting to get worried as to whether Kouichi is alright.  One of the decides to go out and look for him.

Kouichi is biking back to his house when the woman wakes up.  She has no memory of her past, not even a recollection of her name.  At Kouichi’s house, he asks the woman to borrow his sister’s clothes.

In the meantime, the agency that fired the missile (that hit the MACHINA) sends various mechs to Kouichi’s town in order to find the MACHINA.  In order to draw it out, they start attacking civilians.  Kouichi sees this, and takes the woman and starts to run away.  However, the woman starts pulling Kouichi in the other direction, towards the robots.  Shes says that she has a feeling that she needs to go to where the robots are.

On their way, they bump into Kouichi’s friend.  Realizing their situation, Kouichi’s friend grabs the girl and starts to run away, Kouichi close behind.  During this time, one of the mechs fires a stray shot that hits a wall right next to Kouichi.  A large chunk of the wall starts to fall down on the three of them.  Kouichi’s friend instinctively jumps ahead and holds the wall up with his back.  In obvious pain, the friend pleas Kouichi to take the woman and run away.  In frustration, Kouichi punches the wall that his friend is holding up.  Unexpectedly, his punch was powerful enough to shatter the wall.

Everyone is amazed at this.  Suddenly, the woman remembers her name and purpose.  Her name is Emi Kizaki and she asks Kouichi if he wants to have the power to fight against the terrorist robots.  When he says yes, Emi has Kouichi call down “Linebarrel” the same MACHINA that everyone is after.  When he calls it, Linebarrel falls from the sky.  Emi and Kouichi board it and start to fight.

During their fight w/ the terrorist mechs, Kouichi is constantly screaming about how he is the hero of justice, and how Linebarrel is his tool to execute justice.  After sufficiently pwning the terrorists, the terrorists retreat.  Kouichi talks with Emi about how all his life he wanted to have to power to fight injustice.  Emi replies that Kouichi’s life is already over.


Well, THAT was interesting…  I’m slightly mixed when it comes to the review.  Kouichi comes off as more of douche then he did in the manga.  While in the manga, he was a power-hungry douche, in the anime, he was more like Light Yagami.  Speaking of the manga, the anime sufficiently deviates from it, to the point where it’s essentially original material.

CON? the music was uninspiring, it never added tension.  The music director could pick some tips from Macross F and try to hire a better orchestra.  The CGI is meh… but I guess it isn’t the worst I’ve seen.

PRO? The director mentioned after the screening that KnL doesn’t stay as a Code Geass ripoff, rather, it will change at around the halfway point to more of a mecha anime.  Besides that, I did like the mecha design, it looked EPIC.

So what about it so far? As I’ve mentioned, it’s essentially a Code Geass ripoff.  A beautiful/mysterious girl gives a boy some power.  The boy goes off an starts using to fight a greater cause (Brittania in CG, and “injustice” in KnL).

The show definitely isn’t on my fall priority list anymore, but I’ll keep checking it out to see what happens to the story.





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1 09 2008
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