Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – Episode 02

16 07 2008


After finding out that Saito is no longer Louise’s familiar, Siesta tags along w/ them to try to convince Saito to stop living with Louise and live out on his own.  Siesta tended to get very… persuasive…  Louise, as usual, gets jealous and beats Saito up.

At night, Saito tries to make up w/ Louise but it’s to no avail.  Both of them understand that their fight is probably caused by the uncertainty of what might happen if Louise performs a resummoning.  The thought of summoning another strikes deeply with both of them.  To help out, Agnes gets Saito to spar with her so that he can at least try to protect Louise without Gandalfr.

The next day, the search for Tiffania continues… but ends rather quickly, when Saito spots her in the distance.  Tiffania is overjoyed to meet Saito again, but Louise and Siesta have problems… namely with her gravity defying bust.  Later that night, Louise goes off on both Saito and Tiffania, but primarily Tiffania.  She accuses Saito of searching for Tiffania only because of her breasts, and eventually starts fondling them in order to prove that they are fake.  Saito steps in and defends Tiffania, insisting that he went to look for her because she saved his life.  Louise, annoyed, storms off into the woods.

Louise understands that she’s the one at fault yet can’t get herself to apologize.  While moving around, she bumps into Siesta.  The two of them form a temporary alliance against Tiffania.  However, the alliance becomes a side issue when Shefield attacks.  With Saito nowhere around, the two of them are stuck on the defense.  Louise uses her “explosion” magic to holds the attacks off, but she know it can’t last forever.  Finally, running out of options, Louise begins the re-summoning ceremony.  Shefield, curious to see what would happen, stops the attacks to allow Louise to complete the spell.  Louise is frighted more then ever that it won’t be Saito to step through the warp.  This fear is soon dispelled when Saito falls through.  Shocked that Louise was able to summon the same familiar twice, Shefield retreats.  Saito and Louise complete the summoning ceremony (aka kiss) and Saito (with some pain) regains Gandalfr.


So that arc was done pretty quickly.   I thought that Saito would spend a good 4-5 episodes without his runes and truly turn into a good fighter.  But oh well, this works too.  Even with their fight, it was good to see Louise and Saito’s relationship stronger then it was in Season 2.  Another thing that was changed for the better, Saito doesn’t go apes*** whenever he sees Siesta’s breasts anymore, I mean he still has a slight unfavorable reaction, but it’s to be expected from a straight guy put in his position.

They didn’t talk too much about Tiffania, except about her breasts, which was kind of a shame.  I was curious as to HOW she brought Saito back from the dead.  Looks like that’ll be a big theme this season.  And I suspect it has something to do with that undead ring that was introduced last season.

I still feel this is the strongest season yet, and it’s looking to be a lot more plot intensive.  Good and funny episode through and through






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16 07 2008

Yeah, it’s too bad that they didn’t talk about Tiffania…

The whole rune thing is kind of different from the novels I believe.

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