World Destruction – Episode 02

17 07 2008


Kiryie, Morte, and Toppi run out of fuel in the middle of the sand-ocean and get attacked by a passing World Salvation Committee battleship.  They jump off the ship before some torpedos can get hit them.  In the aftermath, The WSC (World Salvation Committee) cannot find any signs of them.

While unconscious, Kiryie witnesses a funeral in his dreams.  At the funeral, he spots Morte who is crying.  When he wakes up, he finds himself on a unknown ship.  As it turns out, a transport ship spots the explosion that the WDC (World Destruction Committee) was involved in, and saves them as they were drifting.  The ship’s captain explains that he doesn’t care that they are a part of the WDC, as long as they are willing to pay for the journey.  Toppi pays a small amount, but enough for them to get to a Pleasure ship that the transport ship is heading towards.  The captain explains that the Pleasure Ship would be the perfect place for the outlaws to reside.

When they get to the pleasure ship, the WDC gets off.  As they’re walking through the ship, a young beast-girl pickpockets the Destruct Core off of Morte, but Morte doesn’t notice.  In the meanwhile, Lia and Naja of the WSC board the Pleasure ship and begin a search for the WDC.  Morte goes off and starts gambling, while Toppi and Kiryie has a meal and discuss why they’re following Morte.

Naja and Lia spot Morte, but instead of forcibly apprehending her, Naja decides to play with her a little and joins her in a high stakes card game.  Kiryie and Toppi are spotted by the other WSC members and try to flee them.  Morte eventually loses all her money in the card game, but Naja insists that they keep playing, this time with the Destruct Core at stake.  Morte is initialy shocked that Naja knows about the Destruct Core, but soon realizes that he is a part of the WSC.  Morte is even more shocked when she realizes that her Destruct Core has been swiped for a can of sand-whale.  Before the hand can begin, the pickpocket girl runs to the ship’s captain (who has been watching the card game) and demands her father’s release from debt.  When asked about the payment, she offers the Destruct Core.

Upon realizing that the Destruct Core is not in Morte’s possesion, a full fight breaks out.  Lia transforms into her beast form and fights Morte.  In the meanwhile, Toppi and Kiryie make their way to the same room as everyone else.  Toppi saves the girl from being captured, and Destruct Core makes its way to Kiryie’s hand.  Lia proceeds to attack him but stops short, and starts blushing when she gets a better look at his face.  Morte quickly creates a distraction by dropping the chandelier and the WDC gets away.

On lad, Morte offers to leave Toppi and Kiryie alone, but they end up choosing to follow her nonetheless.


Well I still love the voices and the characters… but that episode was… boring.   There were quite a few impracticalities in this episode, namely falling in love while attacking. That aside, this really was an episode that I didn’t like, nor did I hate.  The new characters look to be interesting, but not enough was said about them.

I’m still curious as to whether they’ll actually destroy the world, cause if they do, that’ll be something new.

For the time being, I might drop blogging this in favor of BONES’ New show Bonen no Xamdou (Eng. Xam’d: Lost Memories), if 1) new episodes air weekly,  and 2) someone subs them.

7/10 (Boring episode)




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