Clannad – Tomoyo Chapter

21 07 2008


Set in an alternate timeline from the first 23 episodes, one in which Tomoyo Sakagami and Tomoya Okazaki have been going out for a few months.

Tomoyo and Tomoya sit in an empty classroom while waiting for the results of the school election. When they are read over the intercom, Tomoyo has won the presidency.  Tomoya promises to be with her no matter what…

However, that soon starts being more difficult than expected.  Tomoya, still infamous as a delinquent, realizes that his reputation is tarnishing Tomoyo’s image.  Initially he ignores it, but it doesn’t get much better.  After Tomoyo ditches her duties so she could hang out with Tomoya during the festival, the student council starts to pressure Tomoya.  At this point, Tomoya realizes that he is holding Tomoyo back from her dreams… as such, he makes a decision.

While hanging out one afternoon, Tomoya breaks up with Tomoyo… however he doesn’t explain the real reason why.  Instead, he lies saying that he doesn’t love her.  Tomoyo, visibly upset, leaves.  Months pass by.  Tomoya, trying to get his life together, starts to be more responsible.  He made it to class in time, studied, and did his work.  Meanwhile, Tomoyo starts to excel as being president.  She gets offers to study abroad and appears to have her life set.

When it gets to be around graduation time, Sunohara dyes his hair to black because it would be inappropriate for job interviews, signifying how he has matured (plus a hint towards the After Story). Tomoya, with his dismal grades has to settle for recycling job within the city.

When it gets to winter, Tomoya is walking home after graduation… along the way, he sees Tomoyo waiting for him. They talk for a little bit and Tomoya discloses how he’ll be staying in the city.  Tomoyo says that he’ll stay with him as well.  Tomoya immediately refuses, but Tomoyo won’t budge.  Finally, Tomoya gives in.  The two make up and hug.


One thing about me and Clannad… I’ve always been a supporter of Tomoya/Nagisa, the canon pair of the series.  However, I was also aware of the large following for Tomoya/Tomoyo.  The following was so large, that Key even released a Tomoyo After Story.  And it’s understandable why.  Of all the girls in the story, Tomoyo was one that stood out above the rest.  Unusually strong, very pretty, but has a very soft-spoken attitude.  Slightly brutish, but soft-hearted.  Almost like a female version of Tomoya.

So even w/ my heart set on Tomoya/Nagisa… it definitely was refreshing to see Tomoya with someone else.  This episode was essentially the Tomoyo ending to the game.  The episode itself had a bit more drama then other episodes, with some comic relief (namely from Sunohara)

There was some hints to After Story, namely w/ Sunohara dying his hair black and Tomoya’s job. 

The OVA served it’s purpose for me, which was to refresh the feeling of Clannad between the previous season and After Story





One response

21 07 2008

The parts with Sunohara’s hair being black and Tomoya’s job all happened in the game for Tomoyo’s path.

KyoAni did change a bunch of things in this adaptation, but they were usually minor and I think were made to make the story work in only one episode.

Oh, and I’m hoping they’d do a Kyou path too. I enjoyed playing through her path in the game.

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