Quick Update

25 07 2008

So I felt I should quickly address the state of this blog

– I mentioned this earlier… I have dropped World Destruction from my blogging list in favor of Bonen no Xamdou (Xam’d: Lost Memories). 

– Not mentioned earlier.  I also dropped Koihime†Musou from my blogging list.  There are two reasons for this.  One is that I forgot to acknowledge the possibility of blogging OVAs (case in point: Clannad – Tomoyo Chapter). The other reason is more of a lazy one.   The characters in Koihime†Musou have Chinese names.  Not only that, but they have 3 of them.  I’m already having trouble keeping track of the characters on my own, let alone blogging about the,.

– I decided to cancel the Anime Expo 2008 recap.  I’ve been writing it for 2 weeks, and I haven’t even gotten past the first day.  What I have for the entry itself is a good 6 pages long (for only day 1).  I’ll still post photos from the event.

– It’s been slightly slow when it comes to news, but with Comic-con going on right now, I suspect there’ll be a great deal of licensing news.

– Lastly, I’m gonna start working on the Fall 2008 preview this weekend.  I have a few ideas of how I want to do this, they’re all tentative.  But expect the preview to be done in the next 2-3 weeks.





One response

25 07 2008

For the AX 08 coverage, you could just shorten your stuff. Or maybe you can post whatever you have. Who knows. My “coverage” was really short, haha.

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