Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – Episode 03

2 08 2008


Due to how far I’ve fallen behind, I’m going to be redirecting episode summaries to other blogs…  Read the summary posted by Omni of Random Curiosity here.


Well this episode ended my complaint from last episode, about how we were introduced a character, Tiffania, and we weren’t given any information about her except that she saved Saito.  This episode was all about Tiffania and her past.

As expected, Tiffania did resurrect Saito using a special ring given by her mother.  Now the question is whether there’s a tie to the resurrection ring from last season.  And of course, how does all this tie into the current villain.

Other then that, the improvements keep racking up.  Looks like Louise’s onslaughts have finally affected Saito, as he saves himself from being involved in a potential misunderstanding.  This also shows how strong their relationship has gotten. Finally I have to agree that caped Saito looks awesome.

8.5/10 (Good episode with plenty of backstory)




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