NEWS (8/17/08)

17 08 2008

News today come from MOONPHASE and ANN.

– Manga, Tonari no 801-chan gets an Anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation (Clannad, Haruhi, Lucky Star).  The story follows an otaku of yaoi manga, and her hapless otaku boyfriend.  The series will be released sometime in 2009

– Psychological mystery visual novel, Chaos;Head, gets a fall anime adaptation.  The series will be produced by MADHOUSE (Death Note)

– Pseudo-yuri anime, Maria Holic, gets a winter anime adaptation.  The story follows a girl who lost faith in hetero relationships, goes to an all-girl school to find her yuri relationship, and falls for a cross-dressing boy.

Birdy the Mighty Decode, gets a second season which will air in the winter.

Clannad ~After Story~ finally confirmed for Fall broadcast, it will air on October 2nd (off-topic: My b-day!).  MOONPHASE has info on the OP/ED artists.  I’m not sure if my translator translated the artist name and song properly.

– Anime trailers for Fall 08 series have started to release.  Keep checking AnimeNewsNetwork for updates. (I’ll post the trailers with the Fall 08 Preview)


So I quickly apologize about the lack of episode reviews.  Once I fell behind, I lost the will to write the reviews of the mountain of episodes.  So to get over this, I’m just gonna restart blogging from the next episode I view.  (Starting w/ Bonen no Xamdou Episode 6)





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