Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – Episode 08

2 09 2008


Continuing from last week, most of the student are amazed by Colbert-sensei’s flying fortress, however Louise and Saito are simply happy that Colbert is alive.  When asked about how he survived, he simply stated that he faked his death using magic.  Afterwards, he created the ship and was in the process of testing it around the school area, when they saw Saito fighting with Sheffield.  As such, he helped out.

Saito’s mind is wrapped up in Tabitha’s appeared betrayal from the night before.  Louise spots him (having no knowledge about Tabitha) and thinks he’s thinking about Henrietta.  When she confronts him about it, Saito avoids the topic making her more suspicious.  Around the same time Henrietta shows up to welcome back Colbert and thanks him for saving Louise.  Colbert mentions Saito is the one who saved her.  The result is an awkward thanks from Henrietta.  Siesta, who was with Louise at the time pestering her about the bet, immediately catches on that something happened between Saito and Henrietta.

Secretly, Siesta and Louise plan a way for Saito to reveal what exactly happened between them.  Tiffa walks in and gets involved.  Tiffa offers a special magnifying glass which reveals the past night’s events when pointed at any guy.  Louise reluctantly agrees to use it.

Saito and Colbert are talking about the ship, when Saito notices a blue dot moving around them.  He looks up and notices Louise, Siesta, and Tiffa pointing the magnifying glass at him.  Derflinger mistakes the glass for another magical item that strips a man of his clothes when used.  Panicked, Saito flees further enraging Louise.

The chase continues for some length of time with come near captures of Saito.  Finally, Saito is captured in the bridge of the ship (after stumbling across Colbert and Kirche in a… compromising position).  Louise uses the glass, and rather then discovering about Henrietta disguising herself as Louise at the ball, she finds out about Tabitha and Saito’s fight.  Immediately, everyone is confused as to why she would do this.  Kirche offers a possible explanation.

During the revolt against Gallia’s royal family, Tabitha’s father was killed, and Tabitha, herself, was the target of poisoning.  However, her mother protected Tabitha and took the poison instead, sending her into madness.  To protect her mother, Tabitha joined the knights for the new royal family, and as such, she’s frequently forced to do dangerous tasks for the Gallian kingdom.  One of these tasks was to help capture Louise.  However, as Louise wasn’t captured, Tabitha failed her mission, and her fate is now unknown.

Tabitha returns to her mansion to find the place a mess.  She goes in and realizes that her mother is missing.  An elf, Vidashal, reveals himself and the fact that Tabitha’s mother is at the Gallian castle.  His magic (which is mentioned to be old magic) easily overpowers Tabitha’s magic as well as stops Sylphid’s attack.

Louise and Saito go to Henrietta and inform her of what happened with Tabitha.  Saito wishes to go into Gallia and save Tabitha, however Henrietta makes him make an unusually personal promise that he won’t do anything dangerous.  The tone in Henrietta’s voice trips Louise off about her possible feelings for Saito… However, she doesn’t reprimand Saito or do anything for that matter because she promised to trust him…


Despite using a dues ex machina as a reason for why Colbert is back, I really enjoyed this episode.  One of the best of this season.  Why?  Plot and relationship progression.  On the surface, it looked like a normal episode Zero no Tsukaima that went in a plot circle.  However, there were some major developments.

Zero no Tsukaima is billed as a harem show… however, when you look at it, all the people who like Saito (besides Louise) are either extremely horny (Kirche and Siesta), or are perfectly fine being friends (Tiffa).  This episode introduces a true love triangle with Henrietta being the first girl to genuinely like Saito besides Louise.  As such, unless they play down this, we could see some much needed drama coming soon.

As for plot progression, major revelations are made about Tabitha.  This season looks to be headed towards a “Let’s save Tabitha” mindset.  Which means, we can probably expect a season 4 since this season is headed into its final episodes.





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