Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~ – Episodes 09 – 11

25 09 2008

Summary (09)

The episode begins with the Ondine Knights searching for something when a nude girl drops forn the sky onto Malicorne in the same fashion as when Louise lands on Saito in the opening. Louise kicks Saito in the groin and sends him to the ground then proceeds to ask the girl why she is naked. She introduces herself as Irukukwu. She keeps talking about saving her older sister until Guiche asks her about her older sister, who turns out to be Tabitha. She says how Tabitha was taken as a traitor and stripped of her chevaliar title and how Tabitha’s mom was arrested. She continues to tell that Tabitha went to save her mom, but was captured in the process. When Irukuwku asks for help, Malicorne and Saito volunteer promptly, but the others doubt her status as Tabitha’s younger sister(on the face that Tabitha is pretty flat-chested and that Irukuwku has huge tits). Irukukwu thinks about obtaining proof and rushes out of the door. The Ondine Knights rush out of the door as well, only to find that Irukukwu has vanished. Not long after, Sylphid appears and testifys for Irukukwu. Saito, Guiche, Malicorn and Louise go to Henrietta to ask for permission to go and rescue Tabitha, which she denies on the grounds that as her personnal knights, if Tabitha is rescued by the Ondine Knights, as she is considered a criminal, the rescue could be percieved as an act of aggression on Tristan’s part. In response, Saito, Guiche and Malicorn resign as knights in order not to trouble Tristan, and Henrietta responds by having them arrested. Louise asks Henrietta what she thinks of Saito as a man not a chevalier, and Henrietta admits that she is not sure if she has fallen for Saito or simply needs someone to lean on. Louise gives up her position as a noble, declaring that she wants to help Tabitha, to repay her for all the times Tabitha has saved her. Henrietta has no choice but to have her arrested as well. After trying, unsuccessfully, to dig their way out of the prison with spoons, the four get rescued by Kirche and Colbert. Irukukwu reveals that she is really Slyphid, which is a rhyme dragon and capable of transforming into a human form. (From Wiki)

Summary (10)

Saito and company take refugee in the Charming Fairy Inn while the search for them continues. A plan is created to use the Ostland to fly towards Germinia as a decoy, while Saito goes across the border directly. Scarron provides disguises for them, while Colbert, Seista, Gimli and Reinard proceed to liberate the Ostland. Siesta shows doubts at first of not having any powers but gets encouraged by Saito that she could still help. She hugs him so Louise kicks him in the groin from behind. In Gallia, Joseph and Sheffield uncover a massive object, which Joseph calls Jormungand, covered with pulsing veins and with a single large eye. Posing as a travelling circus, Saito and company cross the border, while Louise broods over no longer being an aristocrat, realising she only has Saito left. Back at the castle, using Siesta as a distraction, Gimli and Reinard take out two guards and they board the Ostland, after dispatching two more groups of guards. Colbert quickly fires up the Ostland, eventually ripping free of the chains that are tying it down. Agnes falls for the ploy, ordering guards to watch the Germinia border. Louise sprains her ankle, and Saito tells her to rely on her, carrying her on his back. She wonders how Saito is so strong, despite being alone in this world. The Ostland is eventually stopped by Tristan dragon knights, and Agnes nearly kills Colbert upon seeing him. Meanwhile, Saito and company arrive in Gallia. (From wiki)

Summary (11)

Using her talents at persuasion, Kirche discover that Tabitha is being held in Al Hambra. Upon arriving in Al Hambra, the gang decide upon a plan of attack. Under the pretext of having a show, they will make the soldiers drink alcohol laced with sleeping potion. When Kirche doesn’t assign anything to Louise, she gets angry and demands to be given something to do. Kirche reveals that she knows the Louise is a void mage, and apologises for her past behaivor, and invites her over to Germania. Later on, Derflinger advises Saito to say something to her, saying that Void magic is dependant on emotional strength. Saito decides to do so, and finds her posing in front of a mirror in a dancing costume. Louise begins to tempt Saito, and Saito pushes her onto the bed, but they are interupted by Guiche. In Tristan, Agnes frees Colbert. She saids that she cannot forgive him for burning her village, but has a chance to end the cycle of hatred that would erupt should she kill Colbert. Back in Al Hambra, the Baron wants Louise to attend to him personally, and she agrees, planning to drug his wine, but discovers that the sleeping potion slipped out of her bra. Saito and Tifa discovers the bottle and go to rescue Louise, Tifa using her magic to wipe the Baron’s memories. Having drugged all the soldiers, they encounter Bidashal, who easily defeats all their attacks using Counter. Derflinger tells Louise to cast Dispell on him, which she does, allowing Saito to break through Bidashal’s Counter. Tifa stops Saito from killing Bidashal, who tells them where Tabitha is and lets them go, and warns them that Joseph is a cold blooded man, and that it wouldn’t end there. Tabitha is awakend by Slyphid, and cries upon seeing the gang, even as Sheffield spies on them using her butterfly. (From Wiki)


These 3 episodes seem to confirm that the central plot for the season involves rescuing Tabitha and stopping Joseph.  Unfortunately, that premise doesn’t look to be as epic as the previous seasons.  I mean in season one we had Saito’s eminent departure and return to Louise, season two had Saito taking on an army of 50,000.  Compared to that, this season’s finale looks to be quite sub-par. 

Episode 9 was a return to what I loved about Zero no Tsukaima, interesting well-rounded characters, capable of development.  I was soo happy when Louise gave up her nobility to help Saito’s cause.  Not only that, but human-form Sylphid is über cute. (8.5/10)

Episode 10 seemed like more of a distraction from the main plot. I mean we had some development with Louise and Saito when Louise was dealing with the aftermath of losing her nobility.  At this point, the story feels VERY rushed. (7.5/10)

Episode 11 was a mix of fanservice and plot development.  The scene w/ Louise leading Saito on was unexpectedly amusing, even though it was obvious someone would walk in.  The actually Tabitha rescue was INCREDIBLY rushed.  I really wanted to see an epic battle between Tifa and Bidashal… i feel cheated. (7.5/10)

So it doesn’t look like ZnT is headed down a good path into the final episode… we shall see soon enough.




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