Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 01

3 10 2008



So before I actually start talking about the episode itself, just want to point out that this is my new method of episode reviews.  I heard some requests from some of my friends to not include spoilers in my reviews.  Not only that, but I started realizing that writing the episode summaries were quite tedious and my least favorite part of writing reviews.  Lastly, now that I’m in school again, my free time has gone down drastically.  As such, I’m dropping the Episode Summaries from my reviews.  If you want to find a summary, RandomCuriousity has good in depth summaries, or just search on Animeなの.

With that said, CLANNAD is back! and it looks like the writers are easing us into the story again.  This episode (and it looks like the next episode as well) is fairly light and has some good comedic moments.  The episode starts only a few months after where the first season ended so there haven’t been many developments.

It was good to see a lot of the characters again.  Yoshino-san stole the show with his epic speech =D. Sunohara’s antics are always welcome.  I feel lame cause I just realized that Tomoya’s and Alto’s (from Macross F) voice actors are the same person -_-;;. The new OP is good, though I prefer the first season’s opening; and it’s weird to see a Clannad without it’s Dango ED.

I can’t really comment much on the episode itself since it essentially was a “filler”.  Few things to note, Tomoya is still dodging any topics regarding his father (even if Nagisa brought it up).  This obviously indicates that his relationship with his father has not been resolved yet.  Also the final scene with the “other world” indicates that that is still an important part of the story.

Now I’ve seen the movie for Clannad, and that ending moved me quite a bit.  However, my expectations are that Kyoto Animation’s adaptation to be 10 times more emotional… We shall see

RATING: 8/10




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