ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 01

8 10 2008


I could probably go on for pages about how much I loved the first season.  But I’ll spare you, the reader, the agony of sifting through that and talk directly about things relating to the episode.

melodies adapts the 4th chapter of minori’s adult visual novel, ef – a fairy tale of the two (memories adapted 1 and 3 and part of 2) The concentrated couples this time are 4 side characters of memories: Himura Yuu, Amamiya Yuuko, Hayama Mizuki, and Kuze Shuichi.

I decided to rewatch the final episode of the first season just so that I was refreshed before tackling the new stories.  Upon watching, I immediately noticed a few striking moments.  At the beginning of the coda (in the finale) Yuuko talks about memories an her flowing hair is replaced with a picture of the sky, in which the silhouettes of the main characters of memories flow by.  In the opening shot of melodies, Himura is narrating in a similar fashion, and his shadow is replaced with the sky and the silhouettes of the new main characters flow by.  memories ended with a young Yuuko holding a paper plane. melodies started with a paper plane falling at Himura’s feet.  These are just little tidbits that tied the two seasons together.

As for the episode itself, it does a great job of setting up the mysteries and the conflicts that we will see for the rest of the series.  This brings me to the new opening.  Entitled “ebullient future”, the song is sung by Elisa and is VERY similar to “euphoric field”.  The animation itself is much more animated and seems to bring about very strong emotions.  The shots of Yuuko stretching her arm out as if for help before disintegrating into a flurry of feathers, Kuze hiding half his face when, and most prominent, Himura crucified, all seem to indicate that the characters are going to face much more hardships then we saw in season one.

I’ll end this review before it gets too long.  Last words, the awesome stylistic direction remains as well as some cameos of Renji and Kyouske.  I’m currently preferring Mizuki/Kuze’s story despite being more curious about Yuuko/Himura.  This is probably because those characters (Mizuki and Kuze) seem much more alive.

RATING: 9.5/10 (it’s good to have ef back)




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8 10 2008

ha, glad to see you so excited.

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