Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 02

10 10 2008


Well we still haven’t gotten into the the actual after story yet.  This episode (and probably next episode) was Sunohara-centric.  As such it was filled with some good comedy.  I can’t help but feel bad for the guy, I mean he’s trying his hardest, yet he gets beat up.  First by Kyou, then Tomoyo, then some random guy, and now is in danger of getting beat up by Akio (if he finds out that Sanae is posing as his girlfriend). The most amusing part of this episode was when Sunohara tried to ask Tomoyo to be his fake girlfriend.  Sunohara kept overestimating how strong their relationship is, and as a result, fails epically.

I have a feeling that this mini-arc is just supposed to cement Sunohara’s relationship with his sister.  The next episode’s preview indicates that the mood will be a bit more serious with Sunohara regretting lying to his sister (I think).

I’m not really liking the pacing of the show right now.  I don’t think After Story should be a 24 episode series.  Considering it follows Nagisa’s path, I’m pretty sure that it could be done in one season.  But anyway, this is just early criticism… we’ll see how the story goes.

RATING: 8.5/10




One response

10 10 2008

I think the main reason they wanted to make it 24 eps was to fit in more of the side arcs like the Sunohara siblings route (What they are doing right now) and etc. Just the after story and finishing Nagisa’s route wouldn’t need 24 eps but I like seeing the rest of the stuff animated.

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