Quick Amendment to the Blogging Decision

13 10 2008

So, from what I’m hearing online, Bonen no Xamdou/Xam’d; Lost Memories is on hiatus in the PSN (in America).  This is because the Japanese PSN broadcast is playing catchup.  They are releasing 2 episodes a week so at this rate they’ll catch up in 2-3 weeks.  I can’t find a reputable source for this, so as far as I know… this is a rumor.

But, there is some hints that this is the case.  Episode 13, was apparently removed from the PSN after only a few hours.  In case that this is more then a rumor, I’m going to be taking necessary precautions.

What do I mean? If episode 14 doesn’t get added to the PSN this week, I’ll pick up another show to blog temporarily, until Xamdou returns.  What this show is, I don’t know yet.  It has to be a show that I won’t feel to bad not covering to the end.  Currently, the likely pick is Tytania, Tales of the Abyss, or Gundam 00 S2.

I’ll keep blogging the other shows as planned





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