Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 03

17 10 2008


So after a couple of comedic episodes we get our first return to the emotional drama… and it was great.  I really think it’s great that Sunohara is finally getting the attention he deserves from the series.  Sure if he seemed like a jerk, but you can’t help but feel sorry for him as he’s trying to sort out what’s going on around him.  I wonder what’ll happen when he realizes that Sanae is actually Nagisa’s mother.  I soo badly wanted Sunohara to stick up for his sister, and I guess we’ll see that next week.  

This episode reflected what I loved about Clannad.  You grow to love the characters, so when they start to face their problems, you can really feel their pain.  Now I’m really curious to see if Sunohara will play soccer again, I do agree with Mei that that seems to be the only way to get him back.

I was a little afraid with the last episode’s preview that this would turn into a sis-con arc, but those fears were calmed.  I’m looking forward to the end of this mini-arc.

RATING: 9/10




One response

18 10 2008

If this is going to follow the Sunohara path in the game, then it’s gonna get crazy.

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