ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 02

17 10 2008


They had an interesting layout for this episode.  Instead of splitting the stories cleanly down the middle, they split the episode into fourths and alternated the stories.  I kinda liked this method, since neither story went on too long.

As for content itself, we finally see the early history between Himura and Yuuko, and reasons for Himura’s cold personality start to show.  If the last episode brought up more questions about how Himura and Yuuko are related, this episode shows that Yuuko reminds Himura a lot of his dead little sister, a tender part of Himura’s past.  Despite his obvious interest (possibly romantic) interest in Yuuko from a young age, he shuts her out due to his unwillingness to move on.  This culminates in a confession from Yuuko and a declaration that she’ll help Himura overcome his past.  I’m really interested in how this is going to happen… considering the last episode of ef – memories shows Himura and Yuuko having a good relationship.  Still a lot of questions to be answered, the big one being: why did Himura and Yuuko separate for the 10 years…

Kuze/Mizuki’s story continued in the same path that it was going last week.  It’s interesting, because both the stories seem to be about a girl helping a troubled guy to get over their problems.  Only thing is, Yuuko knows about Himura’s problem, and Mizuki doesn’t know about Kuze’s disease.  Speaking of which, the scene where Kuze was having an internal dialogue was very tastefully done, even if it doesn’t reveal a lot besides more hints, you really got a sense of Kuze’s internal turmoil.  Not to mention, Mizuki’s “confession” came at a time where Kuze is trying to strip out all of his relations with people.  This leaves only two likely options, either he pushes her away like he’s doing everyone else, or he continues feign, and ends up starting to like Mizuki more and more.  As for the declaration of love, I got the feeling like it was one of admiration rather then romance (where the Yuuko confession was a romantic one).  I’m pretty sure that Kuze doesn’t have a romantic interest in Mizuki (yet).

I know from the promotional images, the second game opening, and now the Mizuki ending credits, that there’s going to be some tie between the two stories with a young Mizuki involved with Yuuko, and that’s one of the biggest things that I’m waiting for.  Because one of the best things about having multiple storylines, is seeing it all come together.  Last remark… this season (thus far) seems to have put the guys as having more problems then the girls.  When compared to last season, when it was a more typical with the girls w/ the issues.  I’m excited, I can’t wait for more.

RATING: 9/10




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