Chaos;Head – Episode 02

19 10 2008


This series is looking to be a 12 episode elongation of Higurashi‘s first arc.  Except, we know that some of Takumi’s visions are actually delusions.  I find it interesting that Takumi, himself, understands that he has delusions, yet does nothing about it.

The episode was rather tense and covered a lot.  A lot of big questions were put forth, like, how come Takumi doesn’t remember Rimi despite them hanging out frequently?  Is Takumi actually “Shogun”?  There is obviously some back story that we haven’t seen yet.  I mean I’m wondering why Takumi became a hikikomori in the first place.

The interrogation scene with Yua was done great, and I was on the edge of my seat.  I think the obvious culprit for the New Gen killings is Takumi, I mean it’s entirely possible with the state of his mind.  But given these kinds of series, It’s very likely that Takumi is being made to look like the killer.  But one big thing that’s puzzling me, Why did Takumi send out the images that shogun sent him?

RATING: 8/10




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