ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 03

24 10 2008


Episode 3 of ef memories was important because it revealed Chihiro’s memory loss. That episode was the first real hint we got of the emotional depth that the first season would go into.  One year later, we’re at the 3rd episode of ef melodies, and once again, we get our first major emotional extrema. Anyone questioning the value of the sequel need not look further then this episode.

Interesting things to note, the writers seem to be switching between which stories get the bulk of the emotional concentration from week to week.  Week one was Kuze/Mizuki, episode 2 was Himura/Yuuko, this episode takes us back to Mizuki/Kuze’s story in a HUGE way.  

First about Himura/Yuuko:  not a lot was revealed this week.  The big portion of their story this week was about how Yuuko is being bullied.  More surprising though is Yuuko’s unusually cynical view of human nature.  I mean a couple of things she said this episode sounded like something Himura would say.  Oddly enough, he maintained her positive disposition even when saying these dark comments.  I guess the other thing to note is that Himura remains protective of Yuuko despite telling her to stay away.

But the big thing this episode was Kuze’s story.  We had everything from Chihiro appearing, to a pivotal scene on the beach.  Chihiro’s cameo gave us a few new details regarding what happened after the first season.  Namely, Kei is confirmed to be going out w/ Kyosuke (considering she didn’t end up with Hiro), the first season might have actually taken place a few YEARS before this season, and lastly, Chihiro could be making some improvements with her illness.  However, everyone is going to be talking about the beach scene this week.  It was done incredibly well and brought a lot of emotions.  Mizuki showed a lot of determination especially when she put out the fire, but more importantly she showed heart.  That one phrase: “You’re still alive” is going to be key in their story.

I could go on when it comes to analyzing each detail… but I’ll stop here and let you enjoy this return to former ef glory.

RATING: 10/10




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