Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 04

25 10 2008


So the first arc of the After Story is done and with it, some good character development for the side characters.  It honestly felt really weird to see Sunohara as something besides a comic relief character, and I think his arc’s conclusion was done pretty well.  Though ironically, for an arc centered around him, he didn’t make many appearances.   Okay so one could argue that this is actually Mei’s story, but whatever.

Initially I was getting a little disappointed when Sunohara finally fought the soccer club, probably because Mei’s cries for help were starting to get annoying.  But when the story shifted to the Tomoya-Sunohara fight, that’s when it hit me… “ah this is what I loved about Clannad”  That scene (along with the music) really drove the arc home and I was completely caught up in the moment.  That scene (in my mind) was perfect.

It still bugs me that Nagisa doesn’t do more to stop Tomoya from fighting.  I mean you’d think a girlfriend would try to physically restraint her boyfriend when he’s being ticked off.  Instead, she completely complies when Tomoya asks her to hold Mei while he fights… felt slightly unrealistic.  But I guess that’s his character.  I also find it odd, yet refreshing, that Tomoya and Nagisa are so trusting of each other.  Then again, I might just be that I’ve read all of Love Hina today in one sitting, so that’s affected me =_=;;;

Quick mentions, Sunohara mentions how they will all graduate in six months… so we can assume that the story will kick up sometime in the near future.  And of course… leaving Sunohara as a serious character would be blasphemy… so they add a hilarious scene of Sunohara actually discovering Sanae’s identity in front of Akio (^_^ poor Sunohara… never gets a break).

From what I’m hearing, there’s gonna be another side character arc after this.. This time it’s Misae.  I also hear that her story has something to do with when she was in school.  First ef adds a storyline about a side character’s past (Himura/Yuuko) now Clannad?  I can’t wait.

RATING: 9/10




2 responses

27 10 2008

And after that will be Yukine’s path probably. Misae’s path is pretty short, but it’s a nice one.

28 10 2008

Nagisa did motion to stop Tomoya, but he already took off by then. When she was asked to watch Mei, Youhei was in the midst of fighting the club members and Nagisa acknowledged that Tomoya’s assistance was necessary.

But yes, I think the Tomoya-Youhei fight is definitely going to be one of the more memorable scenes in After Story…though you never know exactly what will happen when the pace gets picked up.

Tomoyo’s interest in Misae is perking up my curiosity, just what part did Misae play in Tomoyo’s dark history?

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