Chaos;Head – Episode 03

31 10 2008


Apologies for the late post, the original copy I had of the episode had buffering issues making it impossible to get decent screencaps.  I DLed the m33w version, but then work got the better of me.

If there’s one thing I can count on every week, it’s that this Chaos;Head will have me on the edge of my seat consistently.  The mystery and suspense factor gets turned up even more this episode, and the last of the main characters get screen time.

This week, we had Takumi go from trying to figure out what happened regarding “shogun”, to going to an occult rock concert in which the lead singer seems to have predicted the New Gene events, and lastly going out with his sister to buy a cell phone.  We learn some critical things about Takumi, like how he seems to have a precognition ability.  However, it’s just as possible that he isn’t predicting the future, rather he is writing it… that’d be a cool twist.  Also we see him improving his personality, whereas before he’d completely avoid going out of his container, he’ll go outside if he needs to find/figure something out.  His sister even mentioned that that was the first time they had hung out in a while.  It’s pretty interesting to see where they’ll go with his personality now.

Regarding the rest of the cast, we finally see the first glimpses of the sword that the girls were holding in the promo pics and the opening.  Question is now, how does it all tie into the story.  Also interesting to note, when Takumi saw himself in the New Gene image, didn’t anyone realize that Rimi wasn’t there?

So what are my thoughts?  Well there’s gotta be something more to Takumi’s delusions, something critical about it.  As for the crucifixion event, I think Takumi had a delusion of seeing Rimi there, but isn’t the one who committed the act.  He just went there, saw the corpse, saw the stakes, and ran.  So far only Ayase and Sena have been seen with the large swords, so this leads me to wonder how the other characters going to manifest theirs

Only 3 episodes in, and I want to see moore

RATING: 8/10




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