Chaos;Head – Episode 04

5 11 2008


I wanted to clap and cheer sooo loudly when Rimi slapped Takumi.  I was like “IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!”.  But yeah, it seems like that helped Takumi get over his COMPLETELY irrational fear of Rimi… maybe.  At the moment I have a feeling that half the story is going to have to do w/ Takumi trying to get over his paranoia, and separate out the truth from delusions.  Nanami and Rimi will probably help with that.

As for the New Gene events, Sena and Ayase look to be the main characters for that.  That only leaves Yua and Kozue.  We haven’t seen enough of Kozue to know her importance, and it looks like Yua is going to be a major obstacle for Takumi.

So shogun makes his big appearance in one of Takumi’s grander delusions (28 Days Later anyone?).  He mentions that Takumi has the power to stop the killings.  Of course, Takumi just panicked that he was talking to Shogun.  Is it just me or does Shogun’s voice sound like a deeper version of Takumi’s?… Theory anyone?

As much as I can’t stand Takumi right now, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him in the beginning.  The phrase that’d been tormenting him throughout his life, all of a sudden is the newest hip thing to say.  It’s almost like the New Gene killings are like a pop phenom.

RATING: 8.5/10




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