Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 05

5 11 2008


The last episode brought about the end of the Sunohara siblings’ arc.  This week, as suspected, is the beginning of Misae’s path.  For a good half the episode basically nothing happened, except for Misae beating up Sunohara for trying to sell her cat.  But then the second half got good.

I admit, even though this is a Key adaptation, and that Fuuko’s arc was done in the first series, I am a little surprised at the supernatural aspect of this arc.  Probably because it’s been a while since the last supernatural arc.

Besides that, it’s a strong start.  We didn’t really know a lot about the characters but you could feel the heartache in this episode.  For some reason, young Misae feels like a Kyou and Tomoyo fusion.  The responsibility of Tomoyo with and the tsundere appeal of Kyou.

I can’t really say much about this episodes besides that the fact that this is looking like a 2 episode arc. 

Let’s see how the finale will be =D

RATING: 8/10 (slow start)




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