ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 04

5 11 2008


So last week we had Chihiro make her return… this week it’s Miyako and Hiro!  Okay, so we didn’t really see them together, but we did get to see that the their relationship is going well.  The episode also featured the return of the older/mysterious Yuuko.  Now that there is a story focused on her, you can see a lot of contrasts.  Young Yuuko seems to be a lot more playful, and energetic then the older version

This is even more apparent in her part of this episode.  She and Himura go out to get her some new shoes.  While Himura just took it as two friends hanging out.. she teases him about it being a date.  The entire “date” ended up being very cute and it really helped me appreciate their relationship more.

As for Mizuki’s story, nothing terribly new happened.  In the beginning we can assume that after the incident with the violin, Mizuki and Kuze became a “couple”… however, a lot of the shots indicated that the relationship was half-hearted.  And sure enough the ending confirms that Kuze was just looking for a way to sever all ties to Mizuki.  The ending this week could be considered a cliffhanger since we never get to see Mizuki’s reaction.

Some things I noticed, that might be important.  Amamiya-sensei ultimately had a lasting effect on Himura.  The fact that Amamiya told Himura to “be prepared” since he’s getting involved with Yuuko is the biggest proof for this.  Also, Amamiya might have a sour relationship w/ Yuuko.  Something felt off when he threw the ball in the church, and Yuuko fetched it, almost like a dog.  Lastly, Himura mentioning “he’s used to death” seems to further the theory that Yuuko is actually dead.

On the topic of Yuuko and Himura, I’m definitely starting to see a bad end for the two of them… but I feel that it’s something that’s required. From their tragedy, the two of them are able to guide the other 4 couples to happiness.  What does this indicate for Mizuki/Kuze… the ending will probably be… at least hopeful.  A magical cure to Kuze’s disease might not bode well for the series on the whole… but then again, the entire Himura’s opinion of “Miracles don’t happen” might flip this one time w/ Kuze

I dunno, it’s ef.  We’re only a quarter of the way through, so we haven’t seen the primary conflict yet.

RATING: 8.5/10




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