ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 05

6 11 2008


Woooow… can’t Mizuki catch a break?  I mean the guy she loves basically went “GTFO” to her face… now she meets his fiancé?!  Mizuki, the most innocent of the ef girls (next to Chihiro), is getting POUNDED.  That being said… this was an amazing episode, though it was more of an ef – memories epilogue then a ef – melodies episode.

Continuing the trend of the memories cameos from the past 2 episodes, Kei and Kyousuke make their appearances, and this time, Kei has a larger role.  It’s further confirmed that the two of them are going out.  This was probably my only complaint w/ the first season… we never got a chance to see her path w/ Kyousuke.  Maybe the series writers deemed it unworthy =P.  But anyway, it seems kinda sudden that Kyousuke has become Kei’s strength.

The climax of this episode was obviously Kei’s and Chihiro’s reunion after 5 years.  I didn’t think it would be that emotional.  It’s also largely symbolic.  It signified the tying in between of the two storylines of the first season.  And it was great to watch happen.

However, in spite of that… I felt that Himura/Yuuko’s story took this episode.  A LOT of plot building occurs as well as introductions of new mysteries.  Amamiya-sensei is DEFINETLY a cunning character.  I can’t tell if he cares about Yuuko or the people involved with Yuuko.  If it’s the latter, it would explain why he keeps asking Himura to be careful around Yuuko.

Lastly… there was something about “I’m still alive”, “abandonement” and Yuuko’s arm in this episode that had subtle significance… Why oh WHY did I read the theory that “Yuuko IS Himura’s sister”.

Episode 3 had a greater emotional climax… this episode brought a LOT to the story.  gah.. I have to wait one whole week?!…

RATING: 9.5/10

Quick parting notes: this episode had more artistry then usual… and it was great.  A feast for the eyes.




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