ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 06

15 11 2008


God Damn… I had a feeling things were going to get good regarding Yuuko’s story… I had no idea it was going to blow over THIS early. In case you didn’t figure it out, the entire episode was devoted to Yuuko. The first half was continuing development in Yuuko and Himura’s relationship, while the 2nd half was O_O. Excuse me while I adjust the rest of the scores this season to 7 or lower in comparison to this episode.

So early on, we see that Himura’s relationship w/ Yuuko is progressing nicely, and at seems like it’s following the same path as Hiro’s or Renji’s last season. We see that Yuuko has inspired him to start drawing again, and Yuuko is getting more and more comfortable around Himura… How wrong I was. Those of you who thought Yuuko must’ve had a good life to end up the way she did in memories couldn’t be any more wrong.

In a way, the entire revelation of Yuuko’s true nature was rather… disturbing. The entire scene treaded in Higurashi territory a few times… namely when Yuuko cursed Himura and called him a liar. On the whole people are comparing it to Miyako’s frantic call scene from the first season, and I can understand that. In both scenes the said girl is forced to relive their darkest moments when they weren’t ready to face it.

On the other hand… the first season and Mizuki’s story this season never got this dark. Previously it dealt w/ disease and abandonment… both sad topics but not really taboo. Child abuse and rape… this is something that’s usually reserved for shows like Bokurano. Tackling topics like this can usually end up preachy if done improperly… but this is ef. The artistry and the symbolisms led this episode to be one of the best of both seasons. If it can keep this up and we can expect one POWERFUL ending.

Ironically, this episode makes me wonder how Mizuki’s story will live up. People have been giving up on that story…. but we’re only halfway through the season… I’m expecting that story to blow up really soon.

RATING: 10/10




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