Chaos;Head – Episode 06

27 11 2008


Now I rarely get nightmares from watching anime. The closest I’ve come are a few episodes of Ghost Hunt. Imagine my surprise when the only thing I dreamt about was the siren and the ominous mist that was in the closing scene of this episode. This is what I was waiting for when I first started Chaos;Head, and I wasn’t dissapointed.

On the whole, the episode shoved a lot of information down our throat. But the memorable parts are these. I, like every other viewer, IS starting to get suspicious of Rimi, however, I don’t think she’s evil persay. Rather… she might be trying to stop Takumi from doing something… from one particular scene, I’m guessing she’s trying to stop him from finding his Di-Sword. Why? We have no idea.

The next big event was the first actual use of the Di-Sword, courtesy of Sena. That was probably the most kick-ass moment in the episode.

If you were able to get through the bulk of the episode… you were “treated” to the most suspenseful and scary scenes of the anime thus far. As a friend of mine said… “s*** is going down now!”

Looks like next week is the Kozue episode.

RATING: 9/10




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