ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 07

27 11 2008


It’s aftermath time… Yuuko’s confession was probably one of the most disturbing and best things we’ve seen from ef yet. All eyes were on episode 7 to see what the writers would pull now. The result: Yuuko’s story is now filled with incredible tension, while Kuze’s story is being overshadowed… BIG TIME.

In the past, we got some new revelations… according to her, Yuuko never actually loved Himura, but rather wanted him to feel a bit of the pain that she’s felt ever since he “abandoned” her. First of all, that’s stupid… how was Himura supposed to know when she asked him if he wanted a sister that she meant if he wished her to go away. And also, how was she supposed to know that her new brother was a potential rapist? Anyway, my point is… she knows this, her explanation to Himura is nothing but another mask. I’m almost certain that she truly loves him. However on the other hand… Amamiya-sensei is more mysterious.

Why give your victim a weapon to fight back with? Why try to teach Himura about resolve and essentially asking him to kill you? There’s something else of his past that we haven’t heard either… The question is… what?

For the present story, Nagi isn’t actually Kuze’s fiancé… it was just set up so that Mizuki could move on. Unfortunately it backfires, as Mizuki just wants to be more involved in Kuze’s life. The result is Kuze’s meltdown.

This one wasn’t nearly as good as Yuuko’s, probably because the topic isn’t as edgy. In summary, Kuze, deep down, still wants to do thing with his life and not give up. I’m guessing that’s probably gonna start leading to a change of heart (figure of speech, not literal). I’m still holding out on this story, there’s something about a young Mizuki that we haven’t seen yet.

RATING: 9/10




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