ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 08

27 11 2008


The show is slowly but surely working towards a climax.  This episode confirms what the overarching message of this season in.  The first season’s was “being erased from someone’s heart”… this season is “running away”.  And as we see here, both Kuze and Himura are at fault.

The episode was primarily centered around the past with only a few new revelations in the present.  It was kinda frustrating though, cause throughout the episode I thought Himura was finally making progress w/ Yuuko but it was all for naught when he decides to go wandering/wallowing instead of going back to the apartment… as such Yuuko panics and goes back to Amamiya-sensei.

What Kuze said about “Yuu never being able to see Yuuko again” only further pushes that she is dead.  I’m not going as far as to say dead, but rather in some sort of state that prevents her from leaving Otowa, Japan.  Obviously, Kuze and Nagi find out about it one way or another, and the topic is still sensitive to the adult Himura.

Last little tidbit about the past, the young Himura is starting to adopt parts of his older personlity.  Namely, saying stuff like “I’ve forgotten already”

Not really much happens in the present, except for Nagi and Himura realizing that their past is getting in the way of them helping Kuze.  As such, Nagi pins all her hopes onto Mizuki… as she says, she’s the only person that hasn’t run away.

Considering the way that this episode ended and that the show has been pretty Yuuko-centric as of late… The next two episodes will probably wrap up Mizuki/Kuze’s story.  So it’s their last chance to come up to par w/ the other ef stories.

RATING: 8.5/10




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