Best Anime Opening of 2008 – The Nominees

6 12 2008

The opening animations of anime serve the important purpose of drawing in the viewer with high quality animation timed to music.  Essentially a minute and a half trailer/music video.  I judge openings in 3 criteria, the music, the animation, and relevance/suitability to a show.  From these 3, I picked, in my opinion, the 6 best openings from 2008.  Please vote on which one you like the best, and when the new year rolls around, I’ll post my pick as well as your pick for the best opening of 2008.

Anime OP Nominees

1) Gundam 00 Second Opening… [Ash Like Snow] by ‘the brilliant green’

REASON: The Gundam series always had great music, but 00 took it to another level.  Instead of having the usual techno fare, the series decided to add darker music to fit its tone.  Besides a great song, the animation is timed well w/ the music which further helps w/ its appeal.


2) Reborn! Fourth Opening… [88] by ‘LM.C’

REASON: Reborn has always been good with having openings that act as the perfect trailer for the current arc they were on.  It’s 4th opening was no different.  People who haven’t watched the show, probably wouldn’t realize that the opening animation are essentially composed of scenes taken from the Future Arc.  Thus it does it’s purpose.  Combine it’s trailer appeal with a catchy song… and you’ve got a potential winner.


3) Macross Frontier Third Opening… [Lion] by ‘May’n & Nakajima Megumi’

REASON: And you thought Macross wouldn’t get nominated =P.  This is the quintessential definition of an epic opening.  In a way, it captures the very essence of Frontier.  Dueling vocals from the two female leads combined with epic mecha action that would make any guy happy.  Yeah, it uses recycled animation from earlier episodes, but this is one case where I’m willing to forgive that considering how many times I’ve gotten goosebumps from watching it


4) Bounen no Xamdou First Opening… [Shut Up and Explode] by ‘Boom Boom Satellites’

REASON: The song is incredibly catchy; but beyond that, the animation is quite well timed.  As such, it’s treat to watch each time.  One thing that could go against it.  I’ve heard from people that the part in the song in which the singer continuously says “Run Away” get annoying.


5) To Aru Majutsu no Index First Opening… [PSI-missing] by ‘Kawada Mami’

REASON: I could lie and say that the accompanying animation is amazing… but I’ll admit it… the sole reason why this opening is on this list is because of the song.  If I were to give an award for best song, this would win by default.  Kawada Mami mixed techno with pop, that combined with the killer synth intro makes this song one to remember


6) ef – a tale of melodies First Opening… [ebullient future] by ‘ELISA’

REASON: German text and engrish vocals… hooray!  Okay sarcasm aside, Tenmon and ELISA teamed up again for ef.  ‘ebullient future’, people have complained, is basically a rehash of ‘euphoric field’.  Some people find this a negative thing… I say… if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.  In some ways I’d say ‘ebullient future’ is better.  The animation really pushes dark nature and gives us a lot of indication of the turmoil that the characters will go through.  The part where the main characters burst into feathers is incredibly well made.  An emotional powerhouse packed into a minute and a half, suitable only for ef.





3 responses

7 12 2008

Hmm, looking in vain here for Kannagi’s op which is year’s best and certainly in any top 5.

17 12 2008

I too am shocked to not see Kannagi on here. I mean, it’s not only a fun song, but it’s freakin’ Yutaka Yamamoto choreography and Satoshi Kadowaki dance animation!! How can that NOT make the list??

Additionally, I’m sad to see Mōryō no Hako’s top-notch opener not included, even though I know you haven’t watched too much of the show. It’s a good song, and the visuals, although not exactly action packed, are very atmospheric and beautiful.

That all said, I’ll look forward to voting on the OPs you have included.

27 12 2008

Nice selection! I haven’t watched some of the shows you’ve mentioned here but the music are all great. Good reasons too.

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