Chaos;Head – Episode 07

6 12 2008



So we finally start getting explanations for the events that have been happening. However, most of it was just as confusing as the questions. But at least we’re starting to see where the show I going.

As suspected, NOZOMI is growing to be the primary antagonist of the series, while the gigalomaniacs are the ones who are trying to stop them. Of course, motives haven’t been revealed yet. The question now is… which gigalomaniac is on which side. I have a sinking suspicion that Yua (not yet revealed to be one except in the opening) is probably w/ NOZOMI.

A few things that I noticed… despite being called a gore show, with the exception of the first episode, there has a been a surprising lack of it throughout the series. I mean we still have a 5 episodes left so that can change. The other thing has to do w/ the game.

I’ve been reading blogs and forum posts, and I’m noticing the large amount of hate that this anime is getting from the fans of the game. This isn’t surprising, this basically happens with any VN adaptation. So I haven’t played the game, and after all the flames, I probably won’t until after the anime finishes airing. Why? I WANT to enjoy it, and so far, I am.

RATING: 8/10

(PS Did I mention Kozue is awesome?)




One response

8 12 2008

The problem VN fans have with the anime is that it dropped some of the biggest scenes, including the most important one in the entire first half. Fortunately, most of the details follow the game pretty closely, with some obvious changes (Kozue’s character is very, very different in the game. She’s probably the scariest gigalomaniac in the group)

Unfortunately, watching the anime will spoil you for the game, so you have to choose one or the other.

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