Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 09

6 12 2008


One line summary: School Life ends. I might’ve set my expectations a little too high for this episode but it was nonetheless good. A lot of emphasis on Tomoya’s relationship with Nagisa and how they got “seperated” with her illness.

The episode sped through the events of 3 months, though I think we can assume that nothing major happened. We got hints of everyone’s futures. Sunohara being the guy he is tries to become a model and get hopelessly rejected. Some interesting notes about the other characters: Ryou is going to be a nurse, Kyou will try to become a kindergarten teacher, and Kotomi will be studying abroad in America, though it isn’t specified what her career path will be. Tomoya is avoiding the topic of his future though he’ll probably start working by next episode.

Overall, It’s a very fitting conclusion to the School Life portion of Clannad. We also get to see the central theme, family, in full power this episode. Now, ON with the after story =D

RATING: 8.5/10




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