ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 09

6 12 2008


There was some really nice imagery this week as the show builds towards a joint conclusion?! Well maybe not, but the ties between them have never been stronger, especially w/ what Mizuki said in the closing scene. On the whole a strong episode with one major weakness, but ef as always.

Yuuko’s story took a good ¾ of the episode. Yuuko realizes that she does, in fact, love Himura.. yeah no surprise there. In spite of that, the episode did a great job bringing out the parallelisms btw Yuuko and Himura using the filmstrip imagery.

The next part of their story was primarily about drawing out (quite literally) the differences between Himura and Amamiya-sensei. The show spent the last episode showing us the similarities about how they both are only running away from their tragic past. This episode shows that the critical difference is that Amamiya was stuck looking at the past to the very end while Himura was able to look to the future. This brings me to the biggest problem with this episode… Amamiya’s death scene. It was rather dragged out.

In the present, Kuze’s story finally takes the upturn that it so drastically needed. Kuze, after sucessfully alienating everyone finally realizes his own folly. I can’t help but think to something the Joker said in Dark Knight. About how people show their true color when they’re close to death, and it only makes sense that Kuze actually wants to live because of Mizuki. With Mizuki, she comes up with a plan regarding Kuze and she executes it. But, not before paying her respects to Yuuko(?!)

So the show finally reaches to my biggest question that I’ve had since watching the ef – the latter tale opening. What is the relationship between Yuuko and Mizuki?

Last little tidbits about the episode, even if it’s last season stuff, I really liked seeing the sister dynamics between Kei and Chihiro. The finale is fast approaching… only 3 more episodes. To get a better feel of melodies with respect to memories, I am going to marathon the first 11 episodes before viewing the finale.

RATING: 9/10




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