At a glance: Fall 08

7 12 2008

The fall season is nearly over, but it’s never too late to take a look at how the season is going.  Last summer, when my computer broke down, I discovered that I shows that I truly enjoyed were the ones I’d go to great length to watch no matter what.  This season, a similar thing has happened, except it’s school responsibilities that’s inhibiting my anime viewing time.  So I’ve compiled a list of the shows that I’ve been keeping up w/, shows I’ve fallen behind on, and shows I’ve outright dropped.  [Not including the shows I’m blogging cause I have to keep up w/ them anyway.]

Keeping up with…

Toradora: I can’t help but love this show.  It keeps impressing me with its character dynamics and interactions.  The biggest thing going for the show is how real it is.  Taiga isn’t overly tsundere like Louise or Nagi, rather she’s a perfect mix of tough and sweet.  Minori is the eccentric character that almost everyone knows, yet everyone loves.  And of course, we all know an Ami or two in this 3D world.  The big questions is if Toradora can keep this up for 25 episodes.

Kannagi: The other big comedy of the season.  While Toradora is a slice-of-life comedy, Kannagi  is way more over the top.  It IS the Lucky Star or the Haruhi of the season.  Once again the characters are what makes this show win.  The biggest thing against Kannagi is not actually in the show… It’s the overly obsessed fanboys that burned the manga when they found out that Nagi might not be a virgin >_<.  (It’s you guys that give the otakus a bad name)

To Aru Majutsu no Index: This was a show that had a VERY strong start, but started to lose steam after a few episodes.  I still think it’s quite interesting and one of the better shows of the season.  I don’t agree w/ the people who call it laughably bad.  I mean, yeah it’s got bad pacing and too much exposition, but just that isn’t enough to call it “the worst show ever”.

Tales of the Abyss: After 8 episodes of an incredibly annoying and whiny main character, Luke finally grows up and ToA loses it’s biggest minus.  I’m still watching this primarily for the action scenes and learning why people love the story.

– Gundam 00 Second Season: The show took a few episodes to get back to season 1 levels but now I’m really happy with the show’s direction.  The show manages to remain slightly ambiguous about who the villains actually are.  We’re at first led to believe it’s the A-LAWS, but now it could actually be the Innovators.  Anyway, yeah the Innovator names are wierd… but still not as bad as the SEED names.

Soul Eater: This is a no brainer, I’ve been keeping up w/ this show since the Spring… I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  (Though FUNImation apparently has other plans.)

Falling Behind On…

[The reason for all of these are the same… more interesting shows, and too much work to do.]

Tytania:  Don’t get me wrong, this show is quite interesting.  I really like the politics and the characters.  Especially Fan Hulic.

Ga Rei -Zero- : My outlook for the show improved when it made a turn towards the manga.  Of course this is just increasing my thirst for a full Ga Rei anime adaptation.

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: This was a show I decided to watch come hell or high water.  Sure enough, this is probably the worst show I’m watching this season.  So bad to the point where I’m skipping a few episodes until something actually happens.

Out Right Dropped…

Kyou no Go no Ni: Eh… poor animation killed the show for me.  

Kurogane no Linebarrels: O_O   O_O   O_O   O_O   O_O.  WTF IS THIS SHIT?

– Mouryou no Hako: I’ll probably watch this series after it’s completed… The first episode was rather wierd and I haven’t had the motivation to watch episode 2.

– Shikabane Hime: Aka: Again, a show that I don’t hate, in fact I like it… I just don’t have the motivation to go through the effort to find episodes, especially since it’s licensed.

It’ll be sad to see such a good season go into memory in a few weeks, especially w/ the outlook for Winter 09.  (I’m working on the preview, expect it in another 1.5 weeks). 





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16 12 2008

Mōryō no Hako is brilliance personified, and the best show of the fall (and that’s just based on the first episode). Give it another chance.

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