Chaos;Head – Episode 08

18 12 2008


So Chaos;Head makes its inevitable shift from asking questions to answering them.  Episode 8 was rather fight centric… so much so that someone who tuned into this episode, w/o watching previous ones would probably confuse the show for the shounen/action genre.  Hell, even I at one point was anxiously waiting for the moment when Takumi would suddenly start kicking ass… alas not going to happen.

On the plot side, the episode didn’t really move it forward besides adding some backstory for Kozue and Sena.  (Sena’s story was rather creepy…)  I mean even the entire purpose of the raid on NOZOMI was for naught at the end of the episode, with a rather weak plot twist of having the Noah II be a fake.

However the final moments were quite surprising.  I already knew that Nanami was a gigalomaniac from opening animation… however, I never expected her to discover her powers THAT way…  So of all the gigalomanics, only Yua has to unlock her powers… and of course, the question is what’ll happen.

All in all, weakest episode of Chaos;Head yet, but it was inevitable.

RATING: 7/10




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