Chaos;Head – Episode 09

18 12 2008


Am I supposed to be impressed at myself or disappointed at the show when I called a major plot twist back in episode 4?  I’m pretty sure that this plot twist would’ve had a bigger impact in the game when we haven’t heard Takumi’s voice.  Either way, this episode was better then episode 8 as part of the truth behind Rimi is revealed.

On the whole, this episode spent a lot of time focusing on Takumi’s past and some of the stuff he unconsciously wrote.  Of course there was “sono me dare no me?”, but more critical this episode was the equation that Shogun showed in episode 1.  Remember? the one which he said would change the world?  Well apparently Takumi wrote the same equation on the back of his primary school essay.  When Sena discovers this, she goes berserk.

So the equation DOES have some importance to the events of Chaos;Head.  It’s soo important that Sena tries to kill Takumi claiming that he’s behind everything.  Which of course leads to Rimi unveiling her gigalomaiac power.  I was expecting more of an “akuma onna” reaction from Takumi but he was surprisingly calm and collected despite realizing that Rimi has been lying to him all this time.

Of course he won’t win any brother of the year awards, passing off a fairly distressed call by Nanami as a prank.  But I suppose this is finally going to lead to the truth behind Takumi and Shogun.

Why do I get the feeling that the New Gene events have been all but forgotten?

RATING: 8/10




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