ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 10

18 12 2008


Even though it wasn’t as climactic as the episode 10 of memories, this episode left quite an impact.  As you can tell, this episode marked the end of Yuuko’s story and everyone’s worst fear is confirmed in the final few minutes.

From what I’m hearing around the internet is that there is a lot of complaints about Yuuko’s death since it feels soo anticlimactic.  Part of me thought that too, but I soon came up with a justification.  The traumatic part of Yuuko’s life ended in episode 9 with Amamiya’s death.  A few points in the dialogue indicate that some time HAS passed since that event and Yuuko and Himura were able to settle into a new life.  Unfortunately, Yuuko was destined to have a tragic life from beginning to her sudden end.

Besides Yuuko there were a lot of other tidbits and details that really expand the ef universe.  We’re finally given an explanation for the two Otowas, and that it originated as Himura’s plan to create a new Otowa that isn’t hiding it’s painful past.  Of course his job as a designer helped him greatly.

But I’m getting off the point, the big portion of this episode dealt with a young and very different Mizuki.  It was interesting to see that the eternally cheerful and optimistic Mizuki had such a harsh/depressing childhood.  Well after Yuuko’s story it shouldn’t be that surprising.  But I mean parent’s forcing you into suicide, that is quite twisted…  But anyway… the young mizuki was in fact a loner a somewhat of a crybaby, but thanks you Yuuko she was able to open herself up again and have a positive disposition once again.  

And also interesting, is how Yuuko probably led Mizuki to her initial attraction to Kuze.  As Kuze’s song, garnered lyrics through Yuuko, taught to Mizuki who eventually met Kuze after recognizing him playing that song again.

Lastly, the usage of ebullient future as the ending theme was quite powerful and it’s safe to say that I had to fight back a few tears.

I’m actually avoiding giving ratings out to episode 10 and 11 because I want to judge the season as a whole rather then it’s individual parts.




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