ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 11

24 12 2008


Complain all you want about the number of openings and endings in that episode, but in the end… this episode of ef  was an emotional powerhouse.  The intensity just kept rising and rising and capped off in the last musical montage in which I was left trying to remember the last time was so engulfed by an anime episode.

While the episode essentially is the conclusion to the Kuze’s story, it only spends about half it’s length getting Kuze over his reason to die.  The confrontation itself was very Mizuki-like: odd, funny, yet meaningful.  If anyone wondered why Kuze’s confession in episode 7 was so weak in comparison to Yuuko’s, the answer is.. it wasn’t complete.  Mizuki reveals that she only walked away because she didn’t know how to respond to Kuze’s interrogation.  After a little while, she was able to figure out the answer.  The resulting scene was very well made, and was purposely contrasting in tone to Kuze’s confession.  The two scene combined leave me very satisfied.

The second half of the episode began working towards the overarching finale of ef – a fairy tale of the two.  Kuze’s decision to go forward w/ a risky surgery was indicative of his wish to change.  Everyone else deals with this decision in their own way.  In the meanwhile, all the Otowa, Japan characters reminisce about how Yuuko had helped all of them in their time of need.

The ensuing musical montage was all that was needed to remind me of the magic of the two seasons.  And with the ending seemingly showing us that Kuze did in fact survive his surgery, all eyes are on the finale to see exactly how the story will end.




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