ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 12 [END]

24 12 2008


First of all, this post will only review this episode (episdoe 12) as a standalone.  I’ll have a full series review posted later.  

That being said… if you are able to overlook some drastic drops in animation quality this week, then you will be treated to a VERY definitive ending as the ef – melodies finale ties everything up with a nice bow.

There’s a short timeskip after episode 11 and it’s Christmas time at both Otowa, Japan, and Otowa, Australia.  The first half of the episode takes some snapshots of the lives of the main characters.  Chihiro is staying at Renji’s house for the holidays, Kuze has started to occupy his house again (with Mizuki helping out), Hiro is still trying to meet those deadlines w/ Miyako supporting him all the way, and Kyousuke is forced to help the film club (and his ex) despite being very happy with Kei.  This portion sorta felt like the coda in the ef – memories finale.

The second half returns to Himura as word finally reaches him about Yuuko’s reappearance in Japan.  He decides that it’s time for him to return to Japan’s Otowa and see what’s going on. (I find it terribly amusing that all the characters are a) filthy rich and b) have no problems booking flights as nearly everyone seems to be able to get last minute international tickets btw Japan and Australia)  And as such, he is reunited with Yuuko.  The two of them have the date that were robbed of 10 years ago which culminates in one more rooftop scene.

Yuuko mentioned something this episode, something that I had figured out as early as episode 3.  The tragedy of Yuuko and Himura ended up leading them to help the 4 main couples of the story to their happiness.  And now, as then, I think that was some marvelous writing.

It’s never explicitly stated that Yuuko is an angel, but I think from all the hints and imagery (w/ the wings and feathers) it’s safe to say that she is one.  In the end, this episode felt perfect to air during Christmas week

As for why this was definitive ending, I’ll leave that to the overall series review.




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