Best Character of 2008 – The Nominees

29 12 2008

Initially I was planning on making a “best female” and “best male” seperate category, but I figured… what the hell.  So my criterion for this category included, character depth, character personality, and relationship w/ the rest of the cast.  With Evangelion as an example, no way in HELL would Shinji be a nominee.  Even though he’s has a lot of past, he’s way too whiny.  On the other hand, Asuka would definitely be nominated due to her depth combined with her tragic past.  Kinda get it?  Well, here are the nominees, 5 this time.

1) Horo [Spice & Wolf]

This character is a fan favorite.  Very sarcastic, VERY teasing, yet she has delicate and darker side that she hides.  The only one who really gets to see it is Lawrence.  Okay, so a lot of above-average “moe” character have a similar personality; but very few of them have a sense of street smarts that she has.  Instead of just sitting there and looking pretty, and making hell of the life of the male lead, Horo actively participates w/ Lawrence in his trading business, often getting him much better deals then he would’ve gotten on his own.  Easily a strong contender for best character.


2) Okazaki Tomoya [Clannad series]

This is one person I picked due to the standard of visual novel male leads.  In most cases, the lead character is shallow, somewhat of an idiot, at times perverted, but is incredibly selfless.  That personality is usually enough to make 5-6 girls fall in love with him… yeah, right.  Tomoya on the other hand, while he is selfless, he is in NO way shallow.  He has a dark past that becoming more and more critical as the After Story progresses.  He isn’t indecisive, he isn’t at all mean, he just had a tough upbringing that affecting his outlook on life for the worse.  Even in terms of past Key visual novels, not one of them had there past actively contribute to the story this much.

3) Kushieda Minori [Toradora!]

When I first was introduced to her character, she appeared to an overly energetic and eccentric girl with not much depth.  However, after episode 3, I got my first glimpse into the kind of character she actually is.  And even moreso after the beach arc and episode 12-13,  Minori is actually an average teenage girl who cares about her friends, and uses her energy to deal with her weakness.  That makes her well above-average in terms of anime characters. In that way, she’s actually been given more depth then any of the other characters in Toradora.


4) Kurenai Shinkurou [Kure-nai]

This was a character that I found very respectable.  He had his own set of beliefs that he was willing to die for, but at the same time he isn’t stubborn.  He fit the mold of the big brother for Murasaki perfectly.  Protective, yet managed to keep her interests in mind.  And his personality makes sense, especially taking his tragic childhood into mind.  And lastly, while he has superpowers, he opts not to rely on them for the majority of his dealings, choosing to rely on his own strength unless absolutely necessary.


5) Amamiya Yuuko [ef – a tale of melodies]

She was an interesting character even after the first season; however, her story in ef – melodies propelled her to an exceptional character.  Not one person could’ve guessed the kind of life she went through w/ her adult personality in mind.  Yet, considering the event, it made sense.  A sad upbringing turned happy thanks to a loved one; but instead of selfishly holding on to that happiness, she shares it.  The very definition of a christmas miracle.  


So those are, IN MY OPINION, the best characters of 2008.  Now it’s your turn to vote =D




2 responses

29 12 2008
Kairu Ishimaru

Of course, Horo 😀

29 12 2008

Grargh. Use a more tag for long posts like this. =]

For me, it’s either Tomoya or Minori… but I’m leaning towards Tomoya.

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