Fall Finales: Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka

29 12 2008

… wow…. this show really blew…  Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka was a show that I had high hopes for when I was writing the fall preview.  Let’s just say that this anime might’ve single handedly affected (for the worse) my outlook on future eroge/dating sim adaptations.  If I were to list out all the things that went wrong in this anime, this review would be 10 pages long.  So instead, I’ll just say what was good, and you can assume that anything that I didn’t mentioned, failed.

The only good things about Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka were the character designs and the voice acting.  Character designs are usually good in most VN adaptation. As for voice acting, the voice acting was the only thing that met my expectations.  

I will give credit though, on the whole this anime kept managing to fall under my ever lowering expectations as the  show progressed.  This was primarily due to the really random episodes between 3 and 10.  This part screamed anime original material.  Only episodes 10 and 11 gave the show signs of life w/ potentially good drama and romance (the one thing I was looking forward to in this series); but then episode 12 ruined it all w/ another random ass episode.

All in all, AkaSaka will probably rate as the worst visual novel adaptation that I’ve ever managed to complete.





One response

29 12 2008


I really like this ending. I been wondering why there haven’t been a “da capo” ending for a while. It was a bit boring to see the same cliche fated/engaged girl come into a guy’s life. I like series with an unexpected ending like canvas 2. I will admit there should be more development with minato but since there are only 12 episodes and not 24, i will let that one slide. I think they aren’t blood-related and there are hints to suggest this. Plus, why can’t the guy just choose both and then everyone be happy. Who says he can’t date two girls at the same time? but i doubt the girls will agree with this. 7/10 for me. not canvas 2 level but not your average show either.

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