Winter Pilots: Akikan!

29 12 2008

It might just be Jun Fukuyama’s past few roles, but I found it incredibly odd hearing Lelouch’s voice coming from an exhibitionist/pervert.  Admittedly, he DID voice Keita from Inukami, another exhibitionist character.  Also ironically, the entire first half of this episode made me feel like I was watching Inukami again.  Depending on the person, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.  For me, it’s mixed.  While I did enjoy Inukami, it sure as hell wasn’t because of its manservice.  Indeed, that aspect of the show made it very unique and made for some hilarious moments, but it was the show’s characters and serious side that won me over.

As for Akikan, obviously one episode isn’t going to be enough to tell how the show will play out.  What I can tell you is, besides Kakeru, the characters are interesting.  (That gay doctor FREAKED the HELL out of me.)  The animation quality, on the other hand, was really rocky.  At frequent times, I found myself yelling “This is BRAINS BASE?!” (especially when Nijima laughed).

All in all, don’t consider me sold just yet, but I’m willing to give Akikan a chance.


(This was a specially early screening on Bandai Channel.. actual TV airings don’t start until this weekend)




One response

30 12 2008

I feel the same way after watching the first episode
. It was funny and had its remotely serious moments. All in all it left its mark and I’m gonna keep watching it.

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