Winter Pilots: Maria†Holic

30 12 2008

Wow, that was very toned down for Shinbo directed anime.  Of course when I say toned down, I mean the trap centered, yuri obsessed girl, obedient maid, creepy neko-dorm-president kind of toned down.  Or better to say, SHAFT comedy as usual.

First and foremost, Maria†Holic‘s first episode had great lines.  I found myself laughing hard when Kanako says “Don’t call me a lesbian! Yuri sounds much better!”.  Indeed, Kanako might actually be the best character is this anime thus far.  It was really amusing to see her ridiculous fantasies through “inner Kanako”.

While I did enjoy the first episode… I have a gut feeling that this is one of those animes that very good in the beginning but can’t stay good.  Also, this doesn’t look like a show that I can easily blog.  I’m cautiously optimistic.





One response

31 12 2008
Kairu Ishimaru

This.. is a sure win anime!

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