Winter Pilots: Kurokami

10 01 2009

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.  I was completely blown away by the first episode of Kurokami.  A great combination of suspense, horror, and action.  Yeah some things were changed from the manwha, but I almost feel that it was for the better.  Keita ended up being much more likable in this version then he did in the manwha.  And Kuro’s dark side was very well portrayed.  

The emphasis on the doppelgangers and doppelliners were what brought this show home for me.  Especially that last scene, I could feel how horrified Keita was when he saw that girl die in front of him.  And give props to Sunrise for not censoring that out, REALLY added the impact.

The one action scene shown was VERY well choreographed, and the soundtrack is very suited. So far, this is easily the best show I’ve watched so far this winter.





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