Fall Finales: Kannagi

15 01 2009

Melodrama?! in my Kannagi?!

Here is probably my 2nd finale review in which I’ll be diverging greatly from the general opinion of a show.  Kannagi was rather hit or miss for me.  After a lackluster first few episodes, I was ready to drop the series.  However, episode 3 ended up being one of the funniest episodes I had seen in a while.  It was enough for me to continue watching until the end.  In fact these first 3 episodes should’ve been more a warning as to how the series would progress.  Hilarious when trying to be funny, and fail when trying to be dramatic. 

Essentially, the drama was overdone.  Drama can work on comedies if used sparingly.  Kannagi went for pure melodrama, in its dramatic moments.  Making the series feel almost bipolar.

Episode 3 to 9 emphasized the comedy, and I thought this show hit its peak around that time.  Sadly, the last 3 episodes returned to the drama that just wasn’t working early in the series.  As such, the finale left me with a rather mixed feeling.

As such, my final rating reflects my mixed opinion, and it will probably be controversial for some of you.





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