Introduction: NamorSol

15 01 2009

Im generally a happy guy, but not as happy as Elmer here.

I'm generally a happy guy, but not as happy as Elmer here.

Hello hello! My screen name is NamorSol—but I also go by the names Namor or eNamorD. To begin, I would like to take this time to thank Tekky for hiring me….but unfortunately, he’s not paying me to do any of this….rather, he dragged me into this completely voluntary position.  Ah well, I suppose I’ll still thank you for the opportunity. Doing an anime blog sounds like an exciting new experience.

Now that I’m here, I’ll simply say that it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, glad you could make it, and I hope we’ll have lots and lots of grins and giggles (and much much more!) in the posts to come. Though I may undervalue my own opinion, (and though you may undervalue my opinion as well), I will humbly offer this undervalued opinion to you through the form of a blog.

So about myself: As a self-declared jack-of-all-trades, my strengths lie in variety. Not only do I like a variety of anime genres, but I have a variety of non-anime interests as well. For me, anime is simply one of many hobbies, which I pick up and drop repeatedly, due to my short attention span. So of course, this love for variety also leads to a weakness: I suck at everything I do! …Eh, well, I don’t really suck that much, but I certainly could be a lot better if I actually dedicated myself to something rather than abandoning it within two weeks. In any case, right here and right now, I will make a promise to all you (3 or 4?) readers. I, NamorSol, Namor, or eNamorD (whichever you prefer), promise that I will update on a regular basis…Or I’ll try to update on a regular basis…Or I’ll try to remember to update, then brush it off as something I should do later. It’s the least you deserve.

Anyway! My favorite anime series tend to be slightly off-kilter, oddball, or disjointed. For instance, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni would fall into this category. So would Baccano (smile for Elmer!). And slice-of-life shows fit well into the ‘disjointed’ category as well. But otherwise, my taste for anime varies with the tides and the seasons. Comedy, tragedy, drama, ecchi, shounen and shoujo…they’re all good! (Well, not all of them, but I’ll tell you which ones are.) To start off, I’ll be blogging about Toradora, since Tekky asked me nicely, and even included a cherry on top.

So once again, nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy the ride!




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