Introduction: Shiki

15 01 2009
A person needs to have fun once in awhile

A person needs to have fun once in awhile

Hey! I’m Shiki, derived from my main handle/username Shirikaisin and I’ll be mainly posting about manga on this blog and occasionally anime if a series interests me enough to devote time to reviewing each episode. Most posts will be due to my need to procrastinate and avoid schoolwork because I believe in relaxing every now and then, especially now.

Unlike my friend Tekky, I’ve been into anime for about a decade although my preference has been shifting towards manga.I started out on shounen anime such as Dragon Ball and the Gundam series but my range is broad which extends from yaoi to yuri, shounen to shoujo, seinen to jousei, etc.One thing that I generally refuse to read are stories that only revolve around shoujo romances. Currently, I have been reading from psychological, historical, and ecchi genres such as X-day, Anatolia Story/Red River, and Ikki Tousen. I also admit without shame that the majority of my music in harddrives and mp3 player are anime and game osts and image songs.

Outside of anime, I am a materials science major at UCLA and spend my free time gaming on mmo’s such as Ragnarok Online and Guild Wars and rpg console games. Friends have often compared me to Konata though I have absolutely no idea why XD

PS. Here’s to (hopefully) regular updates from me! I also forgot to list my favorite anime so here goes, Twelve Kingdoms/Juuni Kokki because its what I imagine an epic historical story to be like; Claymore for its characters and the secrets behind the organization; Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and its sequel for the suspense, horror, and mystery. There are many more but these are my current favorites in anime.

PPS. You may find there tend to be more updates from me around midterms and finals, it’s not because I procrastinate and feel too guilty if I do it by gaming…it’s because I’m lagging in those games and I hate aggroing when I lag ^_^;;;




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